Civil Construction Labour Hire Melbourne

Providing on site construction labour, both skilled and general is our specialty. We cater to both large and small residential or commercial builders and can provide the right person for the job. We are a premier Group of Companies involved in civil construction labour hireHome particularly in Melbourne Areas. We have attempted and most effectively finished various renowned and huge development ventures. Our tectonic spheres of activities include turn-key construction projects viz., Embassy complexes & High Commissions, Industrial centers, Educational institutes, Multi-storeyed commercial complexes, Residential apartments, etc. In the recent past, we have completed construction of various prestigious building complexes and extensions to the existing ones across Australia and that too in record time.

Construction Recruitment Agencies in Melbourne

Victoria Labour Hire, one of Australia’s top provider of construction labour hire & recruitment agency in Melbourne provide skilled plant operators in the civil, building & construction, and rail and mining industries. Construction labour hire and mining labour hire are two of our key focus areas for our recruitment agencies. Victoria Labour Hire has developed an extensive network and reliable reputation with construction companies. We have well-trained staff and plant operators to meet the requirements of your project.